Pastoral care and student welfare

St Francis de Sales School is a learning community centred on positivity, respect for others and the pursuit of excellence. 

We are especially proud of our welcoming family atmosphere and people-focused approach to problem solving.  Students’ individual needs are promptly identified and responded to and parents express great appreciation for the difference this approach makes to their children.

Our student welfare program provides assistance to students who are identified as facing academic, emotional, physical or social difficulties. With the assistance of our school counsellor, Jennifer Fenn, and other specialists from the Toowoomba Catholic Schools Office, we work with parents and caregivers to meet the needs of each individual child and their unique situation. 

We have adopted the You Can Do It program as an important tool for identifying opportunities for improving the social and emotional capability our students need to  build positive relationships, experience a sense of well-being and have the best chance of success in all parts of their lives.

Our students in the upper primary classes make a valuable contribution to the tone of the school and to the enthusiasm and motivation of the younger children. To this end we promote a leadership program for students in Year 5 and 6 which focuses on developing our students’ leadership skills through formal leadership training and practical leadership experiences. 

School Student Protection Contacts

St Francis de Sales School has three School Student Protection Contacts, from whom students and staff can access support and advice.

  • Mr Brendan O'Reilly (Principal)
  • Mrs Angela Skillington (Year2/3 teacher)
  • Mrs Jennifer Fenn (Guidance Counsellor)

School Guidance Counsellor

The Guidance Counsellor, Mrs Jennifer Fenn, works with students and their families to assist with their academic, behavioural, social and emotional growth and wellbeing.  Mrs Fenn can be contacted via email on