Clifton_Feb22_215_.jpgAs a small rural school, our team of dedicated staff work hard to ensure students are afforded opportunities to participate in co-curricular activities wherever possible. These activities allow students to have new experiences and develop skills and talents in areas which are an extension of classroom activities.  To expand our horizons, at various times throughout the year, we join with nearby schools for sporting, cultural and academic activities.   


Sport plays a key role in the lives of students at our school. In the lead up to Athletics and Cross Country each year, our staff provide extra training to prepare students for school and zone carnivals. 

Water awareness lessons are scheduled each year for all students in Prep to Year 6, normally in the lead up to our school swimming carnival.   

With the assistance of the government funded, Sporting Schools program, our students can access additional coaching sessions at school for a range of sports.  These sessions are all provided by visiting qualified coaches. 

The Arts 

At St Francis de Sales we value the Arts as a cross curricular priority. Visual arts, drama, dance, media and music are embedded in our everyday teaching and learning experiences. Biannually we host a community Bush Dance and School Play.  Students also participate in community speaking competitions.  
As part of our involvement in the wider community, our students present and perform at Parish and community events such as ANZAC Day, Remembrance Day, and the Clifton Show.   

Community service 

Outreach within the community includes visits to the residents of the aged care home and including young people from our local early childhood centres in organised activities. We involve ourselves in supporting the local show, community festival and ANZAC day.